About us

SMIRK Clothing was set up with a lets just go for it mentality. The project began Christmas 2017 with the intention of designing a llama t-shirt for their little sister (now self declared CEO). After making the t-shirt, showing it to some friends and being asked "Will you make me one", We decided to invest some more time developing the idea.

The idea was simple, create a fun brand that will give us a platform to provide information and help people that are struggling with their Mental Health. The long process began, designing a logo, a first collection, manufacturing, marketing and educating ourselves on an industry we knew very little about.

Bit by bit, the brand began to take shape with help from friends and the fantastic people we had the pleasure of meeting in New York city. Seeing our idea develop into a clothing brand fanned the flames and reinforced the idea that if you work hard at something you can make it happen.

Our intentions are to link up with experts in the field of Mental Health and put together some helpful Information and tips for looking after your yourself. We want to encourage people to be open about it and start reducing the stigma surrounding the whole thing.