T.V and Radio career in sports media, Professional boxer and a battle with depression.

Having worked in sports media for a number of years, including television and radio, as well as hosting prestigious events as an MC and competing as a boxer. It comes as no surprise that Renee is seen as being someone who is constantly "happy," who is always upbeat and high-energy, and who can brighten up any place she enters. After spending some time with her, I can say that Renee has all these qualities. She also has another side that few people were aware of. She has struggled with depression from a young age.

For many years she struggled with all frustration and uncertainty that comes with depression, paired with the demanding emotional requirements of her profession, which needed her to constantly be joyful and optimistic. Renee had reached a point where she believed her only option was to take her own life. Thanks to the quick reactions of her friends, Renee was taken to a mental health hospital, where she stayed for ten days. Days after leaving the hospital Renee was left in shock when she received a link to a back page news article, in the newspaper about her attempted to take her own life and her struggles with depression.

 Renee discusses some of her own habits and some helpful tips that she uses to maintain her depression. She has such an amazing story about her return to the ring as a pro boxer. It was such a pleasure to sit down and listen to this legend.

It's an amazing story about resilience and overcoming adversity, as well as an eye-opening discussion on what goes on behind the scenes with someone who is struggling with depression

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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