Some tips on controlling the negative voice

Using a Journal & working on negative thoughts 

Using a journal to write down your thoughts is good way of finding the source of negative thinking. 

Put them down on paper you can then challenge the thoughts and ask yourself are these thoughts real or fake. For a lot of negative thinking the thoughts are not real and they are things that we create in our own head. 

Negative thoughts will effect how we feel, if they effect how we feel then that's going to effect how we act. Changing and re-framing negative thoughts to be more positive will in turn have a positive effect on how we feel and how we act.

CBT ( Cognitive behavioral therapy) is a great way to learn how to re-frame your thoughts. The blind boy podcast goes through this in detail and explains it in a way that is very easy to understand. 

Listening to the negative voice

The video below shows how the little negative voice that we all have can become a big voice. 

This shows how the little negative voice that we all have a can sometimes take over and be the only voice that we hear. We can recognize what thoughts are feeding the negative voice and work on stopping them and replacing them with more positive thoughts.

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