Lauren Guilfoyle on how she looks after her mental health and juggles a busy life style

Lauren is a brand ambassador with us at SMIRK Clothing. Her positive outlook on life caught our eye on social media and we are so glad to have her on board the SMIRK team. I sat down with Lauren and we had a chat about what she does to look after her mental health and how she balances the busy lifestyle that she has. 

Here's the chat we had:


Morning Routine: How you start the day and what mindset you wake up with will have a massive effect on your mood for the day and how you interact with the people around you. Create a routine that gets the positive thoughts flowing whether its listening to your favorite songs, doing some exercise. Make that concussion decision to start the day on the right track, Begin each day as if it was on purpose.

Exercise: It is a well document fact that exercise has a lot of positive effects on your mental health. The release of endorphins we experience after exercise is natural mood lifter. Start putting exercise into your daily routine, a walk, the gym, soccer, swimming what ever it is. Get up and get moving its good for the soul. 

Cognitive behavioral therapy: The blind boy Podcast goes through this very well so check that out. Its a great way of taking control of negative thinking and creating a more positive outlook.

Something that I took for chatting with Lauren is that implementing positive changes into your life style isn't something that happens over night. Much the same with exercise the results are gradual. The first step is recognizing that a change needs to be made. Then educate yourself and start making little changes. The more often you practice these changes the easier it gets and the more evident the results will become. 

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  • well done for telling your story and highlighting mental health and I never thought someone like you would be affected by it as you seem so confident and out going and beautiful but goes to show nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors and who suffers from mental health problems and hopefully you Will help encourage more people to come forward and seek help and turn their lives around as life is precious.

    Jim duggan

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