Advise From Aunty Sue

Sue was a massive part for me taking control of my social anxiety and breaking the negative mindset that I got myself into. 

We sat down and had a chat about some ways you can start the process to recovery and to give a little insight into my own story. 

I wish I had picked up the phone and rang her a lot sooner because once I did I found myself on the right track to figuring out what was going on, starting to work on it and getting back to enjoying life.

Hope its useful. 

A starting Point 

  • Talk to someone that you trust whether its a friend, a family member or a professional. Take off the mask and tell someone whats really going on and how your feeling.
  • Journaling. It can be very hard to put it into words how you are feeling and decipher what is going on with the whirl wind of thoughts. Journaling will help you see a pattern in your thoughts, getting them out of your head and down on paper.
  • Challenging your thoughts. Are these thoughts in my head real or fake. When we get caught in a cycle of negative thinking we start to create these fake thoughts about ourselves "I'm not funny" "I'm not getting on with my friends" " I'm not good enough ".  Are the thoughts that you are focusing on real or fake. 
  • Educating yourself. A big part of taking control of something is to understand it. Anxiety is such a hard thing to explain how it makes you feel. I would say "I just don't feel myself". Once you understand the effect that it has on your brain and your body you can start to see, oh this is whats happening, this is why I feel like this. 

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  • Loved that video Dylan and Sue. Thankyou for making it.

    Marian kearney

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